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  • Networking Services

    It doesn't work if they can't connect.

    We cover the basic and not so basic network environment to ensure all workstations, mobile devices, servers, and online services can be reached.

  • Server Management

    What are we connecting to?

    The fun stops if the servers are not functional and accessible. We can build and maintain the servers your business and applications depend on, or work with your IT staff. Web, database, email, and deployment servers are all fair game.

  • Development Services

    You need what?!? No Problem.

    Small custom scripts, brochure type websites, and large complex applications cover some types of coding we undertake. We automate the mundane tasks and collect metrics to measure, analyze, and understand things when they happen.

  • Deployment

    Rapid, Consistent, Repeatable, and Automated.

    Did we mention we like automating things? Deployments too! We automatically deploy applications to various environments as changes are made and approved. Less effort focusing on moving files means more time focusing on the primary tasks.

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Some great past projects we have been involved in.


Backend Development.


Website Support

Job Tracking

Application Development

Action Hobby

Website Support


We have an opening

Sales Manager

Open2space has an immediate opening for a Sales Manager/Consultant. The qualified applicant must be self-motivated and in the Calgary area, but willing to work remotely. We offer flexible hours, a casual work environment, and great growth opportunities.

Open2space provides full stack development services on Linux and Cloud platforms.

To apply, please email your credentials and contact information to hr@open2space.com.

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